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So Texas Outdoors

Aug 23, 2022

In this Episode it was an honor and a privilege to have Mr. Cole Wilks, AKA “Flatlander”, back on the Podcast.  A fellow Texas public land hunter who is highly successful and has a wealth of outdoors knowledge.  This time Cole shares some of his vast knowledge about hunting Elk in the public lands of several western states.  With the September Elk season fast approaching we cover some great Elk Topics, including what we should be doing daily up until our hunt, pros and cons of solo vs partner, strategies for calling elk, when to move on, and so much more.  Cole is founder and creator of Flatlander on YouTube and has some really awesome hunting content.  He strives to educate fellow hunters on how to be successful on public lands.  There are some great “knowledge bombs” in this episode and I was honored to have him on the Podcast.

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