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So Texas Outdoors

Mar 11, 2022

In this Episode, I sit down with Eddie and Darrell Ruiz, who I recently had the pleasure of guiding on Nilgai and hog hunt.  It was a successful weekend with the harvest of two Nilgai Bulls and a Hog, so if you enjoy a good hunting story, join me as we tell how it all went down.   Both from the hunter’s perspective and a guide’s perspective. We also talk about lessons learned during the hunt.  

For all your taxidermy needs, Contact Eddie Ruiz thru his website:

Big Ed's Taxidermy (

Fellow guide Leevi Escobar also harvested a bull on this same weekend, be sure to Check out Leevi’s content on youtube,
or Follow him on Instagram @lescobarz and Facebook page @Lescohunting  
Feel free to contact him for any of your hunting and fishing needs.

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