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So Texas Outdoors

Feb 21, 2020

In this episode I’m joined by Imer Delagarza, Wildlife Biologist working for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, (FWS) Wildlife. He is the biologist responsible for the oversight of the multiple tracts of land that make up the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge and the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge. Imer educates us on the role is of US FWS; what a National Wildlife Refuge is; and the hunting opportunities that are offered. We discuss the various opportunities to hunt white-tailed deer, including success rates and get some interesting facts about the highly elusive and much sought after, Nilgai Antelope. Imer also shares some exciting news about what’s in store for hunting opportunities here in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Check out the inside scoop on hunting a National Wildlife Refuge. There are not a lot of public land hunting opportunities in Texas but what little we have are really good opportunities.

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