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So Texas Outdoors

Mar 11, 2020

In this Episode I breakdown the ins and outs of how to plan a DIY elk hunt in Colorado. If you've ever wanted to go west to hunt public land bull elk but don’t know where to start, this the podcast to listen to. I explain the different opportunities, costs, planning, where to go, learning about elk, success rates, and some essential gear and things to consider. This includes, season dates, application details for limited draw hunts, preference points, and over the counter hunting opportunities. Whether you want to apply for a limited draw hunt or if you just want to apply for a preference point, the deadline is April 7, 2020 at 8pm MST.

On X Hunt Maps Application for cell phones:

Use Go Hunt to take the guess work out of where to go:

Learn all about Elk Hunting from the best:

Colorado Parks and Wildlife info

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