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So Texas Outdoors

Oct 21, 2022

In this Episode, I’m honored to have Manny Perez from Coastal Concepts LLC. back on the podcast this time as special co-host and together we talk bowhunting with Mr. Jack Thatcher, a fellow outdoorsman, a former sponsored shooter for 25+ years for different bow and broadhead companies and an overall bow hunting guru, who has hunted all over the country.  Together Manny and I, pick Jack’s brain about a variety of bowhunting topics.  Including why we bow hunt, stand setups, string jump, scent control, bows, broad heads and other bow hunting tips and tactics.  This episode is a broad overview of bowhunting, we talk a little about several topics, but each could be episodes on their own, and we definitely get Jack back to take a deeper dive into bow hunting topics. If you’re a bowhunter, this is a good one to check out.

Mr. Thatcher is also knifemaker, check out his content on IG @thatchermadeblades

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