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So Texas Outdoors

Jul 4, 2022

In this Episode we are back with another great collaboration with Cary Beason and the Salty Yak Podcast. This time we are talking Texas Public Land Hunting and Drawn Hunts.  It’s that time of year when TPWD opens up applications for a variety of Texas Drawn Hunts all across the State.   We talk about our top picks and why.  We talk about the variety of opportunities and share some of our experiences with certain hunts.   We each share some success stories including my first Nilgai bull on Public Land and taken with a shotgun slug.  Cary has been doing the TX drawn hunts for over 20 years so he has wealth of knowledge about the system and even though Texas is 98+% private land, there is still a lot of opportunity for anyone to take advantage of the Public Hunts available in Texas.

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