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So Texas Outdoors

Apr 24, 2022

If you like to fish from a kayak or thinking about getting into kayak fishing you definitely want to listen to this podcast. In this Episode I’m excited to have fellow podcaster Cary Beason, host of the very successful Salty Yak Podcast.  We have been planning this collaboration for some time now, and we finally made it happen.  Cary has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Kayak fishing and more specifically targeting red fish. Join me as we talk, you guessed it, Saltwater Kayak Fishing.  Cary shares some strategies for exploring new waters and finding red fish.  We share some of our favorite lures and the differences between upper coast and lower coast.  It was honor to collaborate with Cary, and we plan to do a hunting episode in the near future, but for now we are sticking with fishing. This episode will be posted on both podcasts, so be sure to listen on the Salty Yak Podcast or on So TX Outdoors, or both.   Now, Let’s take it outside and get salty in So Texas.  

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