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So Texas Outdoors

Apr 13, 2022

If you love to fish, you probably would agree that there is more to it than catching fish.  There is something very therapeutic about fishing and being out on the water.  In this Episode it was my pleasure to have local angler Ruben Sanchez, founder of 956 Kayak Anglers FB group and owner of Battle Born Rods, on the podcast.  Ruben’s story is a true success story, a veteran who needed to find a way to transition to civilian life.  Like many he had some internal demons to deal with, for him it was a battle with alcohol.  He found an outlet that changed his life, and that outlet was fishing!  More specifically kayak fishing.   For those of us who grew up fishing we sometimes take fishing for granted, because its something we’ve always known.  Ruben did not grow up fishing, but he found such a passion for it that it became “therapy on the water”, for him.  Join me as we talk about kayak fishing, how he got into it, how it changed his life and how it led him to grow a kayak fishing community and eventually start his own business, in building fishing rods.

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