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So Texas Outdoors

Feb 18, 2022

In this Episode we’re talking all about hunting Nilgai, AKA Blue Bulls. If you’ve ever hunted Nilgai or wanted to hunt Nilgai  your gonna want to listen to this one. I’m joined again by Manny Perez with Coastal Concepts LLC., a local outfitter who has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to chasing these non-native South Texas Nilgai Antelope.  He shares great tips about pursuing these unusual animals, we talk about their behaviors, hunting strategies, feed attractants, calling in Nilgai, caliber recommendations, and shot placement.  Manny also shares a few cool stories about his Nilgai experiences.

If you’re looking for an awesome Nilgai hunt, or you want to experience any of the other outdoor services Coastal Concepts LLC offers be sure to Contact Manny Perez, and Coastal Concepts LLC. at follow them on Facebook or Instagram @coastalconceptsllc

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