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So Texas Outdoors

Dec 17, 2021

Calling all fellow hunters:  What does Deer Camp or “Campo” mean to you?  In this special episode I sit down with my Dad, Ramiro Escobar, Jr. to reminisce about the good old days at our deer camp.  We discuss what deer camp was about for us.  We were blessed to have lots of family around deer camp, cousins, uncles, and especially my grandfather, Ramiro Escobar, Sr.  He enjoyed deer camp so much he wrote a song about, called “Los Cazadores”, and is played at the end of the podcast. This  special episode is dedicated to him in loving memory and in appreciation for the legacy he left behind. 

Interview with Dad @ 2:30

English translation of song @ 29:30

“Los Cazadores” by Ramiro Escobar, Sr.  @ 33:10

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