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So Texas Outdoors

Nov 19, 2021

As hunters we all know that sick feeling of not making the best shot on a deer, whether with rifle or bow, If you have hunted long enough, chances are you have lost a wounded deer or two. Unfortunately, it’s part of hunting.  Have you ever called a professional tracker? Specifically calling someone with dogs to find your wounded deer.  In this episode, I am honored to have Mr. Manny Perez, from Coastal Concepts LLC., an avid outdoorsman who offers a wide variety of services, one of which is deer/ big game recovery services using dogs.  We talk about a what to know when you are considering calling in the dogs.  Manny shares details of a typical recovery scenario, how he got into it, and a pretty cool story.

Whether you need a deer found, or you want to experience any of the outdoor services Coastal Concepts LLC offers be sure to Contact Manny Perez, and Coastal Concepts LLC. at

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