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So Texas Outdoors

Feb 15, 2021

Last year I overhauled my archery setup with heavier high FOC arrows and an unconventional new sight.  In this episode I discussed what I had before, what I changed and why.  I also explain the “high Front of Center” (FOC) concept with more weight upfront.   I discuss the EZ V bow sight and how its revolutionary design makes sense specifically for hunting.  I also talk about the performance of my new setup this past season on the animals I was fortunate to take with my bow.  Heavy arrows with high FOC are basically “hand loaded” arrows and are quickly gaining popularity in the archery hunting industry and if you been thinking about making the change, I highly recommend it.  I am not sponsored by any of the products I discuss, they are simply what I chose to use, and there are several other options out there. 

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