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So Texas Outdoors

Feb 8, 2020

This episode is a different kind of podcast. In this episode I take the listener with me on an audio experience of my 2019 Archery Deer hunt on the Teniente tract of the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge.  This is a Texas Public Land Hunt permit that I drew thru the TPWD Public Hunt Draw system. Through periodic audio recordings during my 4 day hunt you will hear me go thru my thought processes as I am hunting in the field in pursuit of whitetail deer with bow and arrow.  Oh and this particular hunt permit also allows for he harvesting of unlimited Nilgai antelope and wild hogs.   Follow along with me as I describe various setups in the field and employ various strategies including playing the wind, being mobile and rattling.  It turned out to be a challenging hunt for a variety of reasons, and unfortunately, I was not successful at harvesting an animal but still a fun and had an enjoyable experience.

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